Entrepreneurship Cell is formed with an aim to promote Entrepreneurship as the career for the students. The aim of the organization is to help the youth break free from the shackles of mediocrity, move out of the acres of job security and step out of line and away from what has today became a rat – race. We tend to awaken the youth towards considering entrepreneurship as a serious career option.

The cell also tries to help the existing start-ups in the college to scale up. The members of the cell are encouraged to start up their own ventures and are provided support for the same.

Our Key Goals include:

  • To build a strong network of successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and consultants which can be leveraged by our students.

  • To serve as knowledge resource centre on entrepreneurship.

  • Train, mentor and educate students on the basic essentials of entrepreneurship.

  • To let students know how entrepreneurship is carried in real life.


E- Cell will focus on the exploitation of entrepreneurial innate of the students.


To create real entrepreneurs- converting ideas into reality by providing proper platform to upcoming youth & to associate with sponsors, investors & young entrepreneurs.